Angel Wings
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I am truly happy you’re here.

My passion is to create a connection, capturing a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

The goal is to capture these special moments for you. For me this is a big thing, You are not just a client. We will work together forever as you celebrate, coordinate, move, fall in love, grow a family, travel, perform, create, I get to capture it.  

Oh- one more thing... Please check out my Blog, IG and Facebook page to keep up with updated portfolios! 


A little more about me, if you are a reader...

Photography redefined. Not your Mama's photographer: Cookie-cutter, typical, staged, what all your friends had...On the contrary, I capture the most unexpected candid moments from your most treasured days for memories that last a lifetime. I speicalize in creative, contemporary, & photo journalistic styles that will make all your friends jealous. Simply put, Angel Wings Photography is your new best friend. The Angel Wings Team commits every day to deliver a superior product without fail. A commitment to excellence and innovation, and our fabulous humor, is what makes us stand out abouve the rest. We are itching to follow you around like paparazzi (and maybe even jump out of a bush) so we can immortalize your unqiue story.

Angel Wings Photography was born in Atlanta, GA in 2000. We had a vision to start a company that creatively defied the norm, while embracing old-school hard work, craftsmanship, quality and customer service. We fiercely entered the photography scene, ready to take people's breath away. Our business quickly grew and we expanded our playground to Nashville, TN, now Florida and internationaly in. 

Our fierce owner and leader, Melodie, grew up in New York watching her father develop photographs in his dark room. His meticulous eye for art, passion for expression, and work ethic were imprinted onto Melodie. With over 11 years behind the camera, and editing each frame herself, Melodie is the soul and drive of Angel Wings. Sure, she is certified in digital photography and lighting and has won lots of fancy awards, but what really makes her a jewel is that she has the uncanny ability to instantly calm everyone in her presence. Perhaps it's her desire to become true friends with her clients and know their quirks and dreams so she can capture the true person behind the eyes. That, and she loves life and is kinda funny - which never hurts. We will travel! Yeah, we have our passports ready. Let's do this! We will hop any pond or body of water to shoot national or international destination weddings. We available for weddings, Corporate, Concerts, Sporting events, portraits, and pretty much any event in the United States and Internationally. Check us out!